Heartwarming Hospitality

The goal of heartfelt hospitality is to leave your guests feeling cared for. It is not just about giving your visitors “service”, rather it is about treating them as if they are in your home. After they leave, they should be saying to themselves, “Gosh. That was really nice. They made me feel like family”, or “They are really kind. They sure looked after me”.


Customer Satisifaction vs Hospitality

Seeking Customer Satisfaction May Leave You Unsatisfied

A Definition of Satisfaction Delivering Customer Satisfaction sounds a noble target, but it isn’t. Being Satisfied is based on rational criteria, and, as perhaps we know of our own behavior, our actions aren’t always rational. A definition of a satisfied customer is a customer who has received what it is that they expected. When I …

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The Spirit Hawaiian Hospitality

Adopt some Hawaiian Hospitality for your Guests

A host doesn’t first ponder, “Why is this person here?”. Nor do they think, ”What can this visitor do for me?” The expectation is clear. There is a visitor at their doorstep, and their obligation is to make that guest feel welcome.

WE CARE - Businesses must Connect with Guests

Two Words on which to Build Your Business: WE CARE

Visitors to your business may rave about your products. They may love your prices. They might just come because of your convenience and store hours. However these are all things that you give them – things that usually be offered equally by a competitor. What is harder to replicate is HOW you treat those visitors. Do you show your guests “WE CARE”?

A place setting with oshibori

Five Problems With Focusing on Customer Service

When someone comes through your doors, they expect to receive a solution to their problem or want, and, assuming that said solution received is equal to what they expected to get, they go away satisfied. But will they come back? That is determined not by the service you do for them, but more from HOW you provide that service….. Your HOSPITALITY.

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