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Oshibori towel enjoyed at a cafe

Ohana Towels sells Oshibori Towels and Towel Warmers.

Positively support your Guest Experience by turning your customer service into Hospitality. Let Ohana Towels help. We offer a selection of 100% cotton oshibori towels (moist and dry), unique Japanese washi paper oshibori towels, and towel warmers. We want to help you really connect in Moments of Truth with your guests.

Pause and relax with your guests with a hot refreshing oshibori towel.

Guests remember HOW they were treated

A hot or cold moist Oshibori Towel is the perfect complement to a kind and empathetic moment with a guest. Show you care and show your appreciation with a genuine touch of hospitality.

The simple act of offering a refreshing oshibori towel can accentuate any Moment of Truth with your guests, and help leave them a memorable impression and the feeling that your business really knows how to take care of them.

Fit for any Service Business that wants to be seen as a HOSPITALITY BUSINESS:

  • Business that look after patients, clients, passengers, and visitors;
  • Businesses that welcome prospects and potential buyers;
  • Businesses that host guests and VIPs at special events and parties.

Give Visitors a Warm and Heartfelt Welcome with Oshibori Towels

Incorporate an Oshibori Hospitality Towel Service into Your Guest Care Program, and Make Them Remember.

An Oshibori Towel Service is Easy to Adopt

Oshibori Towels – Moist Pre-wrapped OR Dry-Bulk

Disposable Towels are available in ready-to-serve packaging or in dry bulk to be prepared on-site. Both can be ordered in different quantities. The 100% cotton towels and the washi paper are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

Hot Cabi Towel Warmer – A Perfect Complement

It is not necessary to have a warmer in order to offer hot towels to guests (towels can be heated in a microwave). However, a Hot Cabi Towel Warmer conveniently makes it a breeze to have hot refreshing towels on hand at all times.

Customize Your Packaging!

Why not offer your guests oshibori towels wrapped in your own customized packaging. If your business uses more than a few cases each month, this is perfect for you. An initial package printing costs will be charged upfront. A commitment to purchase thirty (30) cases (15,000-18,000) towels over an agreed-upon time is required. It is not necessary to purchase all thirty cases at once.

Consider asking a vendor partner to co-brand the packaging to share the opportunity of building brand awareness with your guests.

Give us a call to talk about packaging design ideas.

Flat Rate Shipping available

FLAT RATE SHIPPING options are available within the US and Canada for all oshibori towels and warmers from Ohana Towels. Don’t carry a large inventory on hand just to save on shipping. Order only what you need when you need. Give us a call to help you plan your inventory.


Our Product Line-Up - Order in the Quantity You Need

Oshibori Towels

100% Cotton Individually-Wrapped Moist Oshibori Towels

Individually-wrapped, Ready-to-Serve, Single-Use Towel. 10×10. Available Unscented and Scented (Lavender).

Washi Paper Individually-Wrapped Oshibori Towels

Deluxe washi paper towels from Japan. 5-Star Luxury. Softer Than Cloth & Fluffier Than a Paper Towelette.

Dry-bulk bale of Cotton Oshibori Towels - Ohana Towels

Dry Bulk Bales - 100% Cotton Oshibori Hospitality Towels

Ideal if You Need Towels You Can Wash and Reuse. Available by the bale (1200 towels) or sleeve (150 towels)

Hot Cabi Towel Warmer - Easy to Maintain

Hot Cabi Towel Warmers - by Taiji (Japan): Two Compact Sizes Available

The Ideal Way to Always Have Towels Ready For Guests. Water-less, and Energy-Efficient. Easy to Maintain.

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