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Oshibori Towel Moments at a DENTAL CLINIC

Make Them Remember Their Visit to Your Dental Clinic – Offer Oshibori

A Patient Enjoying His Visit to his Dentist

Offering patients a hot or cold oshibori towel when they visit your dental clinic is the perfect way to say, “It’s nice to see you, and I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for choosing us.”

In truth, patients may have a difficult time explaining or ever understanding if you’re a more skilled dental surgeon than the one they used to visit. However, they will easily recall how much more welcome they feel at your place. The way your team takes the time to connect is what matters – in the waiting room, in the chair, after the procedure…. Make your dental clinic the only place they want to go for their oral hygiene care………….

The data shows – It’s about WARMTH

GMR Web Team, a marketing agency focused on the healthcare sector, tracks what dental patients are saying about the experiences. Their 2019 survey says this: “Friendly, Hygienist, and Love were the dominant words used by patients who rated their experience as positive.”
Nowadays, in these times of CoVid, other surveys reveal that there is less interest in making a visit to the dentist a luxurious and pampering ‘spa experience’. Instead, an emphasis on disinfecting and safety protocols is of more importance. That being said, connecting with your patients with empathy and showing a genuine interest in their well-being is still as important as ever. They want to know they are safe and in good hands when they come to your clinic.

Show You Care at Your Dental Clinic – With Oshibori Towels

A smile, a few kind words, and an offer of a refreshing towel to a patient at your Clinic can make a huge difference to that visitor’s well-being. It shows that you appreciate their visit. It shows that you are glad they chose your clinic over others. It says, “Thank you for visiting”.

The warm greeting and reassurance can help them overcome their discomfort. It can say, “I understand your apprehension and worry. We will take care of you. We’ll do what we can to make it as pain-free as possible and to make you feel better.”


Oshibori – Welcome Your Guests with Heart

Patients come in to your Dental Clinic with a myriad of feelings – They can be concerned about their oral health. They can be anxious that a procedure will hurt. They might be worried about whether it will be expensive. Offer them a hot or cold oshibori hospitality towel to help alleviate some of that stress. Giving them a moment to wipe their hands and face with a refreshing moist  hospitality towel can make all the difference. Show them that your dental clinic is not like the others. Show them they are family.

Moments to Offer an Oshibori Hospitality Towel

  • Welcoming Them as they Wait – A Patient waiting for their appointment, or a Parent waiting for their Child having a check-up. Offering them a refreshing oshibori hospitality towel is a nice way to put them at ease in your “home”.
  • Helping Them Settle into the Chair – Take a moment to connect. Offer your patient a lavender-scented towel to put them at ease. Connect with them as a person prior to starting.
  • Wrapping up their Appointment – Even a short procedure can leave your patient feeling a little sore. Help them feel a bit better and leave them refreshed to continue their day.

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