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Hot Cabi Towel Warmers are Here – A New Shipment from Japan

The Leading Brand of Towel Warmers

We have a pallet-load of new Hot Cabi Towel warmers ready to sell! Manufactured in Japan by one of the world’s leading makers (Taiji Corporation), these warmers are recognized for their simplicity of use and easy maintenance. They are energy-efficient and are UL/CE-approved for use in the USA and Canada.

Warmers are Perfect at Any Event

The HC-6C Mini and HC-12Uv warmers hold party-sized quantities (25-30 and 50-70 towels, respectively) of moist towels. Stock the unit with moist towels to have ready for when guests arrive to a corporate event or get-together. What a thoughtful and considerate way to say, “Thank you for coming”………… Place a towel warmer on the buffet table or sideboard for guests to help themselves throughout the evening, too.

Small Footprint

The larger of the two, the HC-12Uv. is only 18 inches wide, meaning either warmer can fit easily in a guest coffee area, breakroom, or a meeting room to have hot towels always at hand. Hot Cabi Warmers heat moistened towels in under an hour, and then they maintain the towels at a constant temperature ready for use, as needed. Turn it on it in the morning, and towels are ready for guests by coffee-break time.

Other Finishes Available (for order)

Ohana Towels currently only carry white-cased towel warmers in stock. However Taiji Hot Cabi also come in stainless steel and black, so please ask if you are interested. We would be happy to order one for you.

“Made in Japan” – An Assurance of Quality

Taiji Company (Japan) has been making and selling hot towel warmers for over 50 years, and it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hot cabi for service businesses. It is the brand of choice for hotels, spas, medical and dental facilities, and various service businesses around the world.

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