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I am passionate about the idea of great hospitality – not WHAT you do for customers, but rather HOW YOU TREAT YOUR GUESTS at your business. I write articles of where I have experienced that approach and of experiences where such care has been lacking. The HEARTWARMING HOSPITALITY sector has general articles on the topic, as well as articles about hospitality related to specific market sectors.

The USING OSHIBORI sector covers information on how to incorporate oshibori hospitality towels into your own program of care. It includes how to prepare and serve oshibori towels to guests and how to store them. There are also articles on the maintenance of and general information about HOT CABI Towel warmers that you might be using at your business.

IN THE TRADE covers stories and information about the Ohana Towels Company. It includes our milestones and also news about us in the market. Look here for information about where we will be participating at trade shows and other events, too.


It’s not what you do for them, it’s HOW YOU MAKE THEM FEEL…..

Make them Feel like a GUEST IN YOUR HOME!

All About Oshibori

Read information on the heritage of Oshibori, as well as articles on how to prepare and serve this wonderful SQUARE OF CARE to your guests.

Ohana Towels News

Learn about the Ohana Towels Company, including information on milestones and new products.

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