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​Hot Cabi Oshibori Towel Warmer. Made by TAIJI Japan

$399.00$510.00 (sales tax applied at checkout, if appropriate)

Keep Towels Ready for Guests

A Taiji-brand Hot Cabi Oshibori Towel Warmer is the ideal way to keep towels always ready for your guests. Compact, waterless, and energy-efficient. Easy to use and maintain.

Perfect for any type of business wanting to offer their guests more.

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Small Footprint

Keep an oshibori towel warmer in the lobby, the service area, in the office, or anywhere you want to have hot towels at hand to offer guests and visitors. Requires only electricity.

Using your Towel Warmer

Our Hot Cabi Oshibori Towel Warmers have no moving parts. Plug it in, and, approximately 15 minutes later moist towels or pre-packaged towels are ready to serve. A Hot Cabi Warmer will keep your oshibori towels at a constant temperature (~160F) throughout the day.

Maintaining your Towel Warmer

We suggest wiping down the inside daily, and to check drain and drain tray regularly. That’s it. Unpackaged towels may dry out if left inside for a long time, but re-moisten rolled towels with a spritzer to enjoy later in the day. Pre-packaged towels are always ready to go.

Add a Fragrance to Your Towels

Talk to us about products to add a fresh aromatherapy scent to unpackaged towels in your warmer.

Fully certified

Both of our towel warmers are made by the Taiji Corporation of Japan, and they are compatible and certified for use in the US. Currently only WHITE-trim warmers are in stock. Please talk to us about special ordering other colors.


HC-6 Mini

Capacity – 25-30 hand towels (approx. 10 face towels)

Net weight 4 kg
Outer dimensions W300 x D307 x H230 mm
Inner dimensions W220 x D220 x H135 mm
Cabinet inside temp. 70-80℃ (158-176℉)

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Capacity – 50-70 hand towels (approx. 28 face towels)

Net weight 7.5 kg
Outer dimensions W455 x D320 x H290 mm
Inner dimensions W368 x D213 x H170 mm

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Caring for Your Taiji Hot Cabi Towel Warmer

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Taiji HC – 6 Mini White, Taiji HC – 12UVe White


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