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Our goal is to elevate the customer care experience in the western business environment. In offering high-quality refreshing towels and warmers to businesses across multiple service industries,
Ohana Towels wants to help companies replace traditional standard interactions with more meaningful and unforgettable moments of truth on the journey they share with their guests.

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Moist 100% Cotton Oshibori Towels

Pre-packaged Moist Oshibori Towels are a wonderful accent for any business that hosts visitors. Acknowledge and connect with your guests with grace, warmth and friendship.

Our 100% cotton individually-wrapped moist oshibori towels may be served hot or chilled. Pair with a hot cabi towel warmer to have hot towels on hand for any moment and any visitor. Alternatively keep a handful in the refrigerator for those hot summer days or in those forever warm climates.

These moist towels are ideal if you are looking for a ready-to-serve single-use oshibori hospitality towel, and you may not have the capacity or interest to wash and reuse. They are perfect for outdoor events,  weddings, and receptions. Even keep a few in the car or in the golf cart to have on the go, as well!

Currently, we offer both unscented and scented (two choices: LAVENDER and CITRUS) moist towels. We hope to add additional scents over time. Talk to us if you are considering creating your own custom scent, or if you would like to learn about personalized packaging.

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A ‘Square of Care’

Oshibori moist towels are a refreshing, relaxing and reinvigorating “Square of Care” to support your guest-centric business. Our hospitality towels are moistened with distilled water, not alcohol, which leaves hands and face feeling fresh, clean, and invigorated.

Individually-wrapped Moist Towels

Oshibori are perfect for any dentist, vet or medical clinic. Likewise, they are a welcome touch for any hospitality business that is looking to distinguish itself from its competitors. These towels are a unique and friendly touch of hospitality, and they can really make guest notice and remember their experience. Individually wrapped moist towels are also well received at hotels and resorts, casinos, sports venue luxury boxes, corporate events, car dealerships, weddings, and in offices where you want to offer a honest and heartfelt welcome and thank you to your guests.

Scented and Unscented

Our pre-packaged oshibori moist towels are available both SCENTED or UNSCENTED. Scented Towels are infused with an essential oil to provide a subtle and pleasant aroma to complement your guest experience.

Currently we offer LAVENDER and CITRUS Scented towels. Please stay tuned, however, because we expect more choices in 2022.

Safe and Sanitary

Our oshibori towels are steamed and sanitized, and then they are individually wrapped in moisture-barrier packaging at our facility in Poulsbo, Washington. As a result, you can feel confident providing your guests individually-wrapped towels that are guaranteed to be safe, clean, and sterile. Our towels are wrapped in a two-ply moisture barrier film, providing a shelf-life of 6-8 months. The towels can be washed and reused, or disposed of after one-use.

Other Ideas

Match with a Hot Cabi Towel Warmer

Consider a Hot Cabi Towel Warmer to ensure that you always have hot oshibori moist towels on-hand for your guests.

Custom Packaging available

Are you interested in having your own custom packaging? Would you like to create a unique wrapper that matches your brand and projects your message? If so, we would be pleased to help. Talk with us about getting towels wrapped in your own specially-designed packaging. A nominal MOQ and film print and setup charge is required.

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Scent Choice (Unscented or Scented - Options)

Citrus, Unscented, Lavender


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A hot or cold moist oshibori towel is the perfect complement to a kind and empathetic moment with a guest or customer. Show you care and show your appreciation with a genuine touch of hospitality.
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