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Ohana Towels Announces New Packaging Facility

A Base for Packaging and Shipping

Ohana Towels has officially opened its packaging facility and office in Poulsbo, WA. From the 1600sqf space, it can now offer scented and unscented 100% cotton oshibori towels and hot cabi towel warmers to businesses looking to strengthen their customer care programs.

A Major Milestone

“Opening this facility is a major milestone for us”, says Simon Nash, Ohana Towels Owner and GM. “This event has been a long time in planning, and I’m excited we have turned this dream of having our own production space into a reality. It will enable us to efficiently support the sale of towels warmers at our E-commerce website. As we grow, it will serve as mission central for our overall operation.”

A Support Center for Businesses Wanting to Change

Ohana Towels works with businesses across multiple industries. Examples include dental and medical clinics, hotels and spas, F&B establishments, and corporate event planners and hosts. It offers high-quality refreshment towels and towelwarmers to help these businesses upgrade their traditional and standard customer interactions to become more personal, meaningful, and unforgettable Moments of Truth.

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Options for Custom-Branded Packaging

The new center has packaging capacity and facility to ship both individually-wrapped moist towels and dry-bulk sleeves and bales anywhere in the US and internationally. Working with a third-party packaging-film manufacturer, Ohana Towels can offer customized printing to businesses looking to highlight their own brand and message on the packaging on the towels they give to their guests, as well.

The packaging facility is located in Poulsbo, WA, a unique and historical town a few miles west of Seattle.

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