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Oshibori Towel Moments at a LUXURY SUITE OR PREMIUM SEATS


Oshibori towels are a Square of Care for Your Guests
A tray of cool refreshing oshibori hospitality towels

Watching an event from a Luxury Suite is a Premium Experience that should make those fans feel SPECIAL. Make it Memorable from Start to Finish. Incorporate Oshibori Hospitality Towels into your service, and add that extra touch of WOW!

Offered in first-class on airlines, at luxury hotels and resort, in finer restaurants, and at VIP events, oshibori hospitality towels add a special and heartfelt touch to a guest’s experience.

Make Them Remember Their Day in a Luxury Suite

To many, an afternoon watching a game or event from a luxury suite or loge seat might be a once-in-a-lifetime moment and THE special event with family, friends, or business associates. They might not remember the score, but they will easily recall how they felt being looked after in a suite by their team. Help them build that memory of a great day out!

Moments to Offer an Oshibori Hospitality Towel

  • Throughout the Afternoon
    • At the Valet Stand – Let them know that their VIP Treatment has started.
    • At the VIP entrance. More than just saying, “Hi”, Greeters have a chance to really connect.
    • As they arrive in the Suite – Show them they will be looked after.
    • At half-time or game break – Set out a tray of oshibori hospitality towels for guests to freshen up before grabbing a snack.
  • During The Game
    • Put out a tray of chilled towels on the buffet table for guests to take with their plate.
    • Have a stack of towels next to the mini-bar, or in a towel warmer or refrigerator for guests to help themselves anytime.
    • Bring a refreshing cool towel with drinks & snacks to the guests in their seats.

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Products To Help Make It A Day Guests Will Always Remember!

Oshibori Towels

100% Cotton Individually-Wrapped Moist Oshibori Towels

Individually-wrapped, Ready-to-Serve, Single-Use Towel. 10×10. Available Unscented and Scented (Lavender).

Washi Paper Individually-Wrapped Oshibori Towels

Deluxe washi paper towels from Japan. 5-Star Luxury. Softer Than Cloth & Fluffier Than a Paper Towelette.

Wholesale Dry-bulk Bale - 100% Cotton Oshibori Towels - Ohana Towels

Dry Bulk Bales - 100% Cotton Oshibori Hospitality Towels

Ideal if You Need Towels You Can Wash and Reuse. Available by the bale (1200 towels) or sleeve (150 towels)

Hot Cabi Towel Warmer - Easy to Maintain

Hot Cabi Towel Warmers - by Taiji (Japan): Two Compact Sizes Available

The Ideal Way to Always Have Towels Ready For Guests. Water-less, and Energy-Efficient. Easy to Maintain.

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