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Washi Paper Disposable Oshibori Towels

$36.00$168.00 (+ tax, if applicable)

Washi Paper Oshibori Towels = Luxury for Your Guests

These deluxe washi paper Oshibori towels from Japan are appropriate for any setting. Fit for a 5-Star hospitality setting and a high-end dining experience. Suitable for catering and outdoor venues, as well. Have a tray of towels out in the lobby for guests to help themselves. Washi Paper Oshibori towels match any environment and event at which you want to make your guests feel truly welcome.

You can serve these Oshibori Towels hot or chilled. Add a hot cabi towel warmer to have hot towels on hand for any moment and any visitor. If you are looking for a ready-to-serve single-use oshibori hospitality towel, consider our washi paper oshibori towel. These high-quality, Made-in-Japan towels are perfect for outdoor events,  weddings, receptions, and hospitality tents.

CUSTOM PACKAGING AVAILABLE – Talk to us if you would like to learn about having your own branded packaging.

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Washi Disposable Oshibori

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Deluxe washi paper towels from Japan. 5-Star Luxury. Softer Than Cloth & Fluffier Than a Paper Towelette.

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