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Washi Paper Oshibori Towels

Washi Paper Oshibori Towels = Luxury for Your Guests

These deluxe washi paper Oshibori towels from Japan are appropriate for any setting. Fit for a 5-Star hospitality setting and a high-end dining experience. Suitable for catering and outdoor venues, as well. Have a tray of towels out in the lobby for guests to help themselves. Washi Paper Oshibori towels match any environment and event at which you want to make your guests feel truly welcome.

You can serve these Oshibori Towels hot or chilled. Add a hot cabi towel warmer to have hot towels on hand for any moment and any visitor. If you are looking for a ready-to-serve single-use oshibori hospitality towel, consider our washi paper oshibori towel. These high-quality, Made-in-Japan towels are perfect for outdoor events,  weddings, receptions, and hospitality tents.

CUSTOM PACKAGING AVAILABLE – Talk to us if you would like to learn about having your own branded packaging.

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Patented Washi Paper Design

These unique oshibori towels are made of a patented three-layer design that makes the towels softer than cloth and fluffier than a typical paper or synthetic fiber towelette.

Safe and Sanitary

Our washi paper oshibori towels are individually wrapped in moisture-barrier packaging at the Kakuta Paper Company  in Gifu, Japan. As a result, you can feel confident providing your guests individually-wrapped towels that are guaranteed to be safe, clean, and sterile. The two-ply moisture barrier film provides a shelf-life of 6 months. The towels can be disposed of after one use.

Perfect Anywhere

These single-use disposable Oshibori Towels are appropriate for any setting. They are fit for a 5-Star Hotel and Resort and a high-end dining experience. They are suitable for weddings, catering events and outdoor venues, as well. Have a tray of towels out in the lobby for guests to help themselves. Washi Paper Oshibori towels match any environment and event at which you want to show you care.

Custom-Packaging Available

Packaging can be personalized with your own brand logo, message, or event design. Approach one of your vendor partners about co-branded the label – offering them a chance to share in the brand building opportunity on an item that every guest will want to take.

Order FLAT (Folded) or ROLLED

Ohana Towels carries the individually-wrapped FLAT oshibori towels as standard, however towels can be ordered as a packaged ROLLED towel. Please ask us for more details on lead time.

Available in Different Sizes

Ohana Towels carries 8x10in washi paper oshibori towels in stock. Other sizes are available. Contact us for information. A lead time for alternative sizes is needed.

High Quality – Made in Japan to ISO Standard

Kakuta Paper Company (Japan) manufactures its washi paper oshibori towels to international ISO9001 levels of manufacturing. By producing all of its towels in-house at its facility in Gifu, Japan, Kakuta Paper insures the highest and most rigorous standard of quality and reliability are applied to every oshibori hospitality towel out the door.

Other Ideas

Match with a Hot Cabi Towel Warmer

Consider a Hot Cabi Towel Warmer to ensure you always have hot oshibori moist towels on-hand for your guests.

Custom Packaging available

Are you interested in having your own custom packaging? Would you like to create a unique wrapper that matches your brand and projects your message? If so, we would be pleased to help. Talk with us about getting towels wrapped in your own specially-designed packaging. Nominal set-up/print charge and MOQ is required.

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Additional Information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

100 Pcs, 600 Pcs


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