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Oshibori Towel Moments at a CAR DEALERSHIP

Connect at Your Car Dealership

A Happy Guest at a Car Dealership

Don’t just tell them that you treat your customers like family. Show them!……Offer your guests a hot or cold oshibori hospitality towel as a unique ‘welcome’ to the showroom as they come through the door, or a way to genuinely connect during their visit. Make their experience more than just about buying a car.

One Chance!

In a 2014 McKinsey & Company paper entitled Innovating Automotive Retail, the authors wrote that in some markets and for some brands, “the average number of customer visits to dealers before buying a car has dropped from up to 5 to frequently just 1”. This certainly reinforces the old age-old mantra that “you only have one chance to make a first impression” to more accurately read “you only have one chance to make an impression”.

Have it count!

Stand Out From Other Dealers

If car shoppers visit more than one car dealership, make yours the one that they remember.! Assuming that prices at most dealerships are roughly the same, what will make them remember your dealership over the others? How you make them feel. Give them plenty of reasons to come back, but make them say, “Buying a car at that dealership is the BEST experience I’ve Ever Had”, and “I Don’t Take My Car Anywhere Else to Get Serviced”.

Moments to Offer an Oshibori Hospitality Towel

  • Lobby
    • Have the Greeter offer visitors an oshibori towel when they first enter the dealership
  • Sales Office
    • Offer your guest an oshibori towel and a refreshment after returning from the test drive.
    • Offer a hot towel and drink when they come in to sign the paperwork for their new car.
  • Finance Office
    • Before ‘talking numbers’, pause with a refreshing moist towel and take time to bond.
  • Repair Center
    • Offer guests a cool towel while conducting the initial repair or servicing assessment.
    • Keep a stack of towels in the chillbox in the guest lounge, for visitors to help themselves with their coffee or snacks while waiting.
    • Put two on the car dash for them to enjoy after they leave. Let them see that that the car is cleaner than when they dropped it off.
  • Customer Appreciation Events
    • Have a stack of towels out at the Sign-in Desk.
    • Place a tray of oshibori on the buffet table
    • Have the wait-staff carry a few on their tray with drinks and snacks.

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