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Oshibori Towel Moments at a Wedding

A Wedding Is A Event To Celebrate With People You Love

Your wedding is a party for friends and family to celebrate – Treat them like the special guests that they are. They may be coming from far away. They may not be accustomed to the climate. They may not have talked in a while. Make them feel valued and cared for. Put out plenty of cool and hot refreshing towel for guests that tells them, “We’re Thinking of You!”.

Make It A Day For Them To Remember

The Invitations and Program were elegant, the Ceremony was beautiful, the Flowers were Gorgeous…….Certainly all things that add to the overall success of the event, but when it comes to your guests, it can be the simplest of things that can make it an event they can always recall….. Great HOSPITALITY…

Moments to Offer an Oshibori Hospitality Towel

Oshibori Towels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. They are a fit for a number of moments during the event. Oshibori Hospitality Towels are available as a SCENTED (Lavender) or UNSCENTED option.

  • Check-In and Cocktail Hour
    • Welcome your Guests as they arrive with a chilled drink and a cool refreshing moist oshibori towel. Let them know they will be taken care of.
    • Have a tray of individually-packaged oshibori towels out next the punch-bowl for guests to help themselves.
    • Pass them out near the end of the Hour as a ‘signal’ that the meal will start shortly.
  • Guest Tables
    • Include in the Table Setting – Set out an individually-sealed oshibori hospitality towel at each place.. As each guest is unrolling the towel and wiping her face, it makes her think, ”This is really nice, as it is quite warm under these tents”.
    • Bring with the menu – The wait staff can offer a guest an oshibori hospitality towel to wipe her face and hands with the towel as she looks at the menu. She thinks to herself, “Ahhhhh. That’s refreshing!”
    • After the Main Course – Have guests get an oshibori towel after the Main Meal as a ‘pause’ to wipe their hands before dessert or the toasts.
  • Cake Cutting & Dessert/Coffee
    • Pass out to guests as a ‘cool down’ while things come to order for the Ceremony.
    • Place at tables as part of the dessert and coffee table setting

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Products To Help Make Them Feel Truly WELCOME!

Oshibori Towels

100% Cotton Individually-Wrapped Moist Oshibori Towels

Individually-wrapped, Ready-to-Serve, Single-Use Towel. 10×10. Available Unscented and Scented (Lavender).

Washi Paper Individually-Wrapped Oshibori Towels

Deluxe washi paper towels from Japan. 5-Star Luxury. Softer Than Cloth & Fluffier Than a Paper Towelette.

Wholesale Dry-bulk Bale - 100% Cotton Oshibori Towels - Ohana Towels

Dry Bulk Bales - 100% Cotton Oshibori Hospitality Towels

Ideal if You Need Towels You Can Wash and Reuse. Available by the bale (1200 towels) or sleeve (150 towels)

Hot Cabi Towel Warmer - Easy to Maintain

Hot Cabi Towel Warmers - by Taiji (Japan): Two Compact Sizes Available

The Ideal Way to Always Have Towels Ready For Guests. Water-less, and Energy-Efficient. Easy to Maintain.

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