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Dry Bulk 100% Cotton Oshibori Towels

Bulk Dry Cotton Oshibori towels (white) are ideal for any business looking for a hospitality towel you can wash and reuse. The 10×10 towels are high-quality (18g) 100% cotton that are certain to make your guests say, “Ahhhh!”

The towels can be moistened, rolled-up and then  or chilled right on your premises. Create your own Scent!

A great option to consider for Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Bars, Casinos, and more that don’t require individually-wrapped moist towels. The dry towels are available by the bale (1200 towels) or by the sleeve (150 towels).

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Towels by the Bale

Ideal for your business when your team can prepare the towels yourself. The towels are disposable, but the towels can be cleaned and sterilized for reuse. These are a perfect option if you have a laundry or have access to a facility.

Save Money

Wholesale dry oshibori towels come in either 150 units (SLEEVE) or 1200 units (BALE). We return the preparation and packaging costs back to you by offering a lower price for our dry bulk towels. Our towels are high-quality (18g / towel) 100% cotton. Depending on wear during use, the towels can be rewashed and served a number of times before being replaced.

Apply a Signature Scent

Have you considered creating your own signature scent? Because the cotton towels are not moistened and packaged, how about scenting towels in your business’s own identifiable aroma? The choices are endless. Talk to us about your ideas for adding a unique and one-of-a-kind sensory element to your guests’ experiences. Scents can be applied to the towels directly via the water, infused via steam (in your hot cabi towel warmer), or by a using a spray bottle to lightly spritz the moist towels prior to serving. Reach out if you have any questions.

Easy to Prepare

The towels have been neither moistened, scented or individually wrapped, but they are ready to use after simple preparation: Moisten with clean hot or cold water, wring them out, then roll them up. Put them in either a towel warmer, microwave or refrigerator to make them exactly how you know your guests will enjoy them. The towels are refreshing and invigorating both hot and cold. Hear them say, “Ahhhhhh……..”


Consider using a small plate on which to offer guests a prepared towel. A pyramid of rolled-up towels on a platter makes a welcoming and inviting addition to a buffet table, sideboard, or bar for guests to help themselves. Have some available on ice at the check-in counter or in the lobby.

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SLEEVE (150 Pcs.), BALE (1200 Pcs.)


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A hot or cold moist oshibori towel is the perfect complement to a kind and empathetic moment with a guest or customer. Show you care and show your appreciation with a genuine touch of hospitality.
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