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Our goal is to elevate the customer care experience in the western business environment. In offering high-quality refreshing towels and warmers to businesses across multiple service industries,
Ohana Towels wants to help companies replace traditional standard interactions with more meaningful and unforgettable moments of truth on the journey they share with their guests.

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Customer Satisifaction vs Hospitality

Seeking Customer Satisfaction May Leave You Unsatisfied

A Definition of Satisfaction Delivering Customer Satisfaction sounds a noble target, but it isn’t. Being Satisfied is based on rational criteria, and, as perhaps we know of our own behavior, our actions aren’t always rational. A definition of a satisfied customer is a customer who has received what it is that they expected. When I …

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The Spirit Hawaiian Hospitality

Adopt some Hawaiian Hospitality for your Guests

A host doesn’t first ponder, “Why is this person here?”. Nor do they think, ”What can this visitor do for me?” The expectation is clear. There is a visitor at their doorstep, and their obligation is to make that guest feel welcome.

Bale of 100% Cotton Oshibori Towel

How To Prepare Dry Bulk Oshibori Towels For Your Guests

Dry bales of 100% cotton towels are popular with hospitality businesses that are looking for a cost-effective supply of towels and who can prepare towels themselves for guests. Buying cotton towels in bulk is ideal for the establishments that have the capacity or access to facilities to launder the oshibori for reuse.

Oshibori - Kanji and Hiragana

Introduction to Oshibori – Background & History

An introduction to Oshibori, the moist towels offered to guests and customers in Japan and more and more around the world. A brief origin, the derivation of the word and its Kanji character. Also, other words the world calls this wonderful Japanese cultural icon.

WE CARE - Businesses must Connect with Guests

Two Words on which to Build Your Business: WE CARE

Visitors to your business may rave about your products. They may love your prices. They might just come because of your convenience and store hours. However these are all things that you give them – things that usually be offered equally by a competitor. What is harder to replicate is HOW you treat those visitors. Do you show your guests “WE CARE”?

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