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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Our Oshibori Products and Packaging

A – No. The packaged towels contain no alcohol. The towels are moistened with distilled water. A mild skin and body-safe(1.5% mix) anti-bacteria, mold, and yeast preservative is added. as well. Please contact me if you wish to get more information about the preservative.

A – Scents are blends using Essential Oils that are added to the distilled water solution prior to packaging. We currently offer Lavender-scented and Citrus-scented towels, though we expect to add others by Summer, 2022. At the moment, Mango-scented towels is also available with custom-packaging.

A – Both our 100% cotton and our washi paper towels are compostable. At this time, unfortunately, the packaging is not, though. Please dispose of the packaging responsibly.

Ordering from Ohana Towels and Information on Shipping

A – Ohana Towels accepts Visa or MasterCard. Please contact us if you need to use another option (PayPal, Western Union, etc.), and we will try to make arrangement. By ordering over the phone from Ohana Towels, i.e. not through website, we can issue an Invoice to be paid via check or ACH bank transfer.

A – We ship to addresses in the USA (including Hawaii) and Canada with FLAT-RATE SHIPPING (UPS Ground) available. We can ship overseas – international air service shipping rates will be applied.

A – The MOQ is 10 towels. You can order towels in units of 10-count (envelope), 50-count (pack), or 500-count (case). Dry Towels are available as a sleeve (150-count) or as a bale (1200-count). You can order as few or as many desired of those unit packages.

A – We will try to ship out on the day that you order. If it can’t be shipped that day, we will send it the next business day. Through UPS, Ohana Towels offers FLAT-RATE SHIPPING for UPS Ground (estimated 5-8 days delivery). Other shipping options are available.

A – Payment is via credit card (Visa or MasterCard), but, in special cases, we are happy to discuss your particular needs for a payment program. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

A – Absolutely! If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your order, please call us back immediately and we will work to rectify the problem. We want our customers to be happy with our service and products, and want our customers to be comfortable offering our products to their guests.

Yes your data is secure and we use only the safest and most trusted protection. And at anytime, you can contact us to retrieve your data and or delete. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for terms.

Using Oshibori Towels

A – Towels can be offered directly in the package, or opened and placed on a tray. Towels can be warmed in a towel warmer or in a microwave. Alternatively, in summer or warmer climates, the towels can be chilled in a refrigerator or on ice.

A – Certainly! Many restaurants and businesses wash and reuse the towels until they feel it necessary to order fresh towels. The towels might be able to be washed and reused quite a few time before needing to be replaced – of course it depends entirely on how heavily soiled they are. The towels are good quality 100% cotton that are hemmed and sewn and can withstand washing by commercial machine or by hand.

A – Our towels are individually sealed in packaging that maintains the moisture for an extended period of time. The shelf life of the towels is 10-12 months. If the towels do dry out, they can still be used. Remove them from the package, soak in water or wash the towels, and roll up and warm or chill for your guests to enjoy.

Hot Cabi Towel Warmers and How to Prepare Towels

A – Yes. However, we recommend a towel warmer as the most effective way to keep towel temperature consistent and always ready for your guests. The towels and packaging (opened) are microwave-safe, but microwaving may result in inconsistent temperatures across the towel and the towels can get very hot. We recommend using a warmer.

A – Warming time ranges from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the type and quantity of towels in the warmer. Once towels reach the appropriate temperature the Taiji Hot Cabi Towel Warmer keeps them at that temperature throughout the day.

A – The Taiji MiniCabi HC6 holds 25-30 (rolled) towels. The Taiji HC-12UVe holds 50-70 of the (rolled) towels.

A – The warmers only have an on/off switch. Plug it in, turn it on, and load it with towels (40 – 60 minutes). Once a week the condensation tray should be drained (directly under the door). Slide it out, drain, slide it back in. No tools are required.. Also, wipe down the inside of the warmer with a soft dry cloth regularly. Please refer to our article on How to Maintain Your Taiji Hot Cabi Towel Warmer.

A – Our towel warmers are compact. The MiniCabi HC6 is 12″ x 12″  x 8″ (height) (300cm x 300 x 230). The HC-11UV Pro is 17.7″ X 14.3″ X 12.7″ (height) The HC-21UV Pro is 17.7″ X 14.3″ X 22.1″ (height) . Please refer to the Instruction Manuals (HC-6 and HC-11UV Pro and HC-21UV ) for more information

Custom Packaging for Towels at Your Business

A – Yes, you can!. Now you have the option to offer your guests towels wrapped in your own customized packaging. If your business uses more than a few cases each month, this is perfect for you. An initial package printing costs will be charged upfront. There is no MOQ for Cotton Towels. Due to economies in Shipping from Japan, custom-packaged Washi Paper towels require an MOQ of 20 cases (12,000 towels) per order.

Consider asking a vendor partner to co-brand the packaging to share the opportunity of building brand awareness with your guests.

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