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Oshibori Hospitality Towels

Turn your standard customer interaction into an unforgettable Moment of Truth
that reflects honesty and empathy towards your guests.

Sharing a Customer Care Moment with a Visitor

Make Them Feel like Family

A chance to welcome in and truly connect with your guests. Making guests feel at home is at the heart of hospitality.

Offer a Welcome Like it's Your Home

Tell your guests and clients, “Welcome! We’re really pleased you’re here. We’re here to help”.

Oshibori on a wooden tray

Oshibori Towels – The HEART of Hospitality

Pre-moistened refreshment towels, warmed in cool climates and chilled in the hotter weather, allow a visitor a moment of ‘aaahhh’ – .

Easy to Order Pre-Moistened Oshibori Towels and Warmers

We offer FLAT-RATE shipping to the USA and Canada

Our pre-moistened refreshing oshibori towels can be ordered in a selected range of quantities. The hospitality towels are available both scented and unscented. Bulk-order dry towels are also available.

Our Mission

To help companies replace standard interactions with a more meaningful
Moment of Truth

Oshibori Towels - Take a Moment to Connect

Considerate Customer Care

Oshibori Towels are more than just a damp cotton towel. Pre-moistened oshibori towels are a Square of Care for your guest that express Gratitude. Empathy. Kindness. This is how we strive to work, as well. Ohana Towels offers a considered and considerate relationship to our customers and we would love to work with you.

Build Engagement​

Create a more honest, trusting, and deeper emotional bond with your guests. We are here to help, with products and ideas to help create more meaningful and unforgettable events at first meetings AND every Moment of Truth on the journey you share with your visitors.

A Barman and a Guest
Simon JC Nash - GM and Owner of Ohana Towels

I'm here to Help​

I’m Simon. I want to personally ensure that your order for oshibori towels and warmers gets to you correctly and on time, and I want you to love us as much as your guests love you. If you have any problem, questions, or concerns, please call me directly at +1 (206) 557-2975 or write to me at: simon@ohanatowels.com

Articles, Media, and Events

Read about our journey to help businesses create more personal connections with their guests and visitors. We write articles and thought-pieces about Hospitality and Customer Care, Ideas for using Oshibori in your Customer Care Program, and Information about our participation in industry tradeshows and events.

Genuine Hospitality is about anticipating a Guest’s needs and making them feel like a Friend.

Strive for a warm and heartfelt connection with your Guests by offering them a hot/cold moist oshibori towel to say, if even in just a small way, “We care”.

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