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Oshibori Hospitality Towels

Turn your standard customer interaction into an unforgettable Moment of Truth
that reflects honesty and empathy towards your guests.

Sharing a Customer Care Moment with a Visitor

Make Them Feel like Family

A chance to welcome in and truly connect with your guests. Making guests feel at home is at the heart of hospitality.

Offer a Welcome Like it's Your Home

Tell your guests and clients, “Welcome! We’re really pleased you’re here. We’re here to help”.

Oshibori Towels - Take a Moment to Connect

Oshibori Towels – The HEART of Hospitality

Pre-moistened refreshment towels, warmed in cool climates and chilled in the hotter weather, allow a visitor a moment of ‘aaahhh’ – .

Easy to Order Pre-Moistened Oshibori Towels and Warmers

We offer FLAT-RATE shipping to the USA and Canada

Our pre-moistened refreshing oshibori towels can be ordered in a selected range of quantities. The hospitality towels are available both scented and unscented. Bulk-order dry towels are also available.

The Impact to Your Business of Adding Oshibori Towel Service

Meaningfully enhance the Moments of Truth at your place of business with a more heartfelt staff-customer interaction at multiple customer touch points:

  • Warmer welcome to your guests than just a cup of coffee or glass of water.
  • More refreshing start to any event, interaction or meal.
  • A considered pause to connect at any time during meetings and get-togethers.

The result is a memorable way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

  • Reinforce your brand as caring, empathetic, and kind.
  • Build long term, deep customer relations that last for years.

Businesses PERFECT for Oshibori Moments

Oshibori Towels are suitable for any Service Business that wants to be seen as a HOSPITALITY BUSINESS:

  • Business that look after patients, clients, passengers, and visitors;
  • Businesses that welcome prospects and potential buyers;
  • Businesses that host guests and VIPs at special events and parties.

Other Locations Perfect for Sharing a Moment with Oshibori Towels

  • Corporate Hospitality Events
  • Limousine & Charter Taxi Services
  • Professional Services Offices
  • Spas or Wellness Centers
  • Transportation Network Companies
  • Vet Clinics

Our Product Line-Up - Order in the Quantity You Need

100% Cotton Oshibori

100% Cotton Individually-Wrapped Moist Oshibori Towels

Individually-wrapped, Ready-to-Serve, Single-Use Towel. 10×10. Unscented and Scented (Lavender or Citrus).

Disposable Oshibori

Washi Paper Individually-Wrapped Oshibori Towels

Deluxe washi paper towels from Japan. 5-Star Luxury. Softer Than Cloth & Fluffier Than a Paper Towelette.

Wholesale Dry-bulk Bale - 100% Cotton Oshibori Towels - Ohana Towels

Dry Bulk Bales - 100% Cotton Oshibori Hospitality Towels

Ideal if You Need Towels You Can Wash and Reuse. Available by the bale (1200 towels) or sleeve (150 towels)

Hot Cabi Towel Warmer - Easy to Maintain

Hot Cabi Towel Warmers - by Taiji (Japan): Two Compact Sizes Available

The Ideal Way to Always Have Towels Ready For Guests. Water-less, and Energy-Efficient. Easy to Maintain.

Genuine Hospitality is about anticipating a Guest’s needs and making them feel like a Friend.

Strive for a warm and heartfelt connection with your Guests by offering them a hot/cold moist oshibori towel to say, if even in just a small way, “We care”.

PHONE NUMBER: +1 (206) 557 – 2975


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