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Offer Guests LUXURY – Washi Paper Oshibori Towels!

Offer your guests a luxurious washi paper oshibori towel that is like no other. This towel’s patented design gives it a texture softer than cloth and fluffier than a typical paper or synthetic fiber towelette.

Washi Paper Oshibori Towels = Luxury

Ohana Towels is excited to be able to offer these unique washi paper oshibori towels to our hospitality partners in the US and Canada. These all-natural fiber towels are a more robust AND thicker alternative to the synthetic towels often provided at hotels and restaurants. Available by the case (600 towels) or box (100).

Towels that are PERFECT in any Setting

Offering a guest one of these deluxe hospitality towels is a wonderful way to show you care. The towels can be served both hot or chilled, and are suitable for every Moment of Truth that a business might share with visitors. Let your guests pause and recharge as they refresh with a towel while checking in. Encourage them to relax as they look over the menu. Show them you appreciate their business as they settle in at your service center waiting room. Add one of these packaged towels to the take-away meal set to give a guests your restaurant’s hospitality experience at home.

Do you want Customized Packaging?

Put your brand in the hands of every guest. As with the individually-wrapped 100% cotton oshibori towels, Ohana Towels gives you the option of customized packaging for these washi Paper Towels, too. An affordable set-up and manageable MOQ applies. Custom packaging is a great option for any business looking to reflect your own brand or message.

“Made in Japan” – An Assurance of Quality

Kakuta Paper Company (Japan) has been making and selling washi paper oshibori for over 40 years. It is a family-owned and run business that has distributors around the world selling their patented product. Their oshibori towels are offered to guests at a number of major airlines, hotels, and restaurants renowned for their world-class hospitality.

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