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Oshibori Moments at DIFFERENT VENUES – A ‘Square of Care’

Pause and Connect with an Oshibori Towel

Oshibori Towles - A 'Square of Care' for Your Guests
Oshibori Moments – A Time to Pause and Connect With Your Guests

An Oshibori Moment – A chance to take a moment and connect with your friend. Offer them an oshibori hospitality towel to relax before starting the business part of their visit. Give them a chance to Invigorate themselves on a hot day, or warm themselves when it’s cold  with a moist refreshing oshibori towel. Doing so can make them feel at ease, comfortable, revitalized, and valued.


Genuine Hospitality – Make Them Feel Like They Are Visiting Your Home

Customer Satisifaction vs Hospitality
Aim Higher than Customer Satisfaction – Aim for Hospitality

Welcome to our place: ‘It’s hot out there – refresh yourself with this cool towel, while I get you a glass of water.’
Thank you for coming: ‘You came a long way to visit with us. Have a moment to wipe the dust off.’
Make yourself at home: ‘Relax and warm your hands. We have everything ready for you.’

Venues PERFECT for Oshibori Moments

Oshibori Towels are suitable for any Service Business that wants to be seen as a HOSPITALITY BUSINESS:

  • Business that look after patients, clients, passengers, and visitors;
  • Businesses that welcome prospects and potential buyers;
  • Businesses that host guests and VIPs at special events and parties.

- Click for Info and EXAMPLES OF OSHIBORI MOMENTS at These Sample Venues

Restaurants - DINE-IN

Connect With Your Guests at Your Restaurant. Make it More Than a Meal.  Make It an EXPERIENCE. Start by Offering Them a Refreshing Oshibori Towel.

Restaurants - TAKE-OUT

Extend Your Restaurant’s Warmth and Consideration to Wherever Your Guests May Dine. Include Individually-Wrapped Oshibori Towels in Their Take-Out Order.

Hotel Front

Hotels & Resorts

Treat Your Guests Like Family. Pamper Them with Compassion and Care From The Moment They Arrive. Oshibori Towels are Nice at Check-In or Anytime.


Give Guests To Your Casino a Genuine Welcome. Make Them Feel Special. Make Them Feel Like VIPs. Offer Them a Refreshing Oshibori Hospitality Towel.

Stadium Luxury Suites

Give Guests a First-Class Experience. Pamper Them with Hospitality Towels. Because It’s More Than a Game. It Will Be a MEMORY.

Car Dealerships

Make It More Than About Buying a Car – Make It An EXPERIENCE.  Pamper Them Like They Are At Your House. Offer Refreshing Oshibori Hospitality Towels.

Dental Clinics

Give Your Guests a Human Connection. Show Your Empathy. Show Them They Are In Good Hands. Offer Them a Refreshing .   Oshibori Hospitality Towels.

Wedding Receptions

Show Wedding Guests Feeling Valued and Cared For. An Oshibori Towel is a Warm Touch That Says, “I’m Happy You’re Here To Help Celebrate My Special Day”.

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