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Our goal is to elevate the customer care experience in the western business environment. In offering high-quality refreshing towels and warmers to businesses across multiple service industries,
Ohana Towels wants to help companies replace traditional standard interactions with more meaningful and unforgettable moments of truth on the journey they share with their guests.

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Oshibori Moments at DIFFERENT VENUES – A ‘Square of Care’

Pause and Connect with an Oshibori Towel

Oshibori Towles - A 'Square of Care' for Your Guests
Oshibori Moments – A Time to Pause and Connect With Your Guests

An Oshibori Moment – A chance to take a moment and connect with your friend. Offer them an oshibori hospitality towel to relax before starting the business part of their visit. Give them a chance to Invigorate themselves on a hot day, or warm themselves when it’s cold  with a moist refreshing oshibori towel. Doing so can make them feel at ease, comfortable, revitalized, and valued.


Genuine Hospitality – Make Them Feel Like They Are Visiting Your Home

Customer Satisifaction vs Hospitality
Aim Higher than Customer Satisfaction – Aim for Hospitality

Welcome to our place: ‘It’s hot out there – refresh yourself with this cool towel, while I get you a glass of water.’
Thank you for coming: ‘You came a long way to visit with us. Have a moment to wipe the dust off.’
Make yourself at home: ‘Relax and warm your hands. We have everything ready for you.’

Venues PERFECT for Oshibori Moments

Oshibori Towels are suitable for any Service Business that wants to be seen as a HOSPITALITY BUSINESS:

  • Business that look after patients, clients, passengers, and visitors;
  • Businesses that welcome prospects and potential buyers;
  • Businesses that host guests and VIPs at special events and parties.

- Click for Info and EXAMPLES OF OSHIBORI MOMENTS at These Sample Venues

Restaurants - DINE-IN

Connect With Your Guests at Your Restaurant. Make it More Than a Meal.  Make It an EXPERIENCE. Start by Offering Them a Refreshing Oshibori Towel.

Restaurants - TAKE-OUT

Extend Your Restaurant’s Warmth and Consideration to Wherever Your Guests May Dine. Include Individually-Wrapped Oshibori Towels in Their Take-Out Order.

Hotel Front

Hotels & Resorts

Treat Your Guests Like Family. Pamper Them with Compassion and Care From The Moment They Arrive. Oshibori Towels are Nice at Check-In or Anytime.


Give Guests To Your Casino a Genuine Welcome. Make Them Feel Special. Make Them Feel Like VIPs. Offer Them a Refreshing Oshibori Hospitality Towel.

Stadium Luxury Suites

Give Guests a First-Class Experience. Pamper Them with Hospitality Towels. Because It’s More Than a Game. It Will Be a MEMORY.

Car Dealerships

Make It More Than About Buying a Car – Make It An EXPERIENCE.  Pamper Them Like They Are At Your House. Offer Refreshing Oshibori Hospitality Towels.

Dental Clinics

Give Your Guests a Human Connection. Show Your Empathy. Show Them They Are In Good Hands. Offer Them a Refreshing .   Oshibori Hospitality Towels.

Wedding Receptions

Show Wedding Guests Feeling Valued and Cared For. An Oshibori Towel is a Warm Touch That Says, “I’m Happy You’re Here To Help Celebrate My Special Day”.

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