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Using Oshibori

Add more heart to your guest experience by incorporating oshibori hospitality towels into your customer care program. Served Hot or Chilled, Oshibori towels are a wonderful ‘Square of Care’ to give your guests and visitors any time and any place.

Get tips about preparing and serving the towels. Also find articles about using and maintaining Hot Cabi Towel Warmers.

Make Scented Towels for Your Guests – 2 Easy-to-Follow DIY Recipes

Elevate The Experience with Scented Oshibori Moist Towels Scented Towels – A “Square of Care” Show you Care with SCENTED towels. Offering your guest a hot or cold refreshing towel is a simple but meaningful touch of hospitality. Here are two easy ‘recipes’ to “Elevate The Experience’ for your visitors. 1. Purchase a Pre-mixed Solution …

Make Scented Towels for Your Guests – 2 Easy-to-Follow DIY Recipes Continue Reading »

Bale of 100% Cotton Oshibori Towel

How To Prepare Dry Bulk Oshibori Towels For Your Guests

Dry bales of 100% cotton towels are popular with hospitality businesses that are looking for a cost-effective supply of towels and who can prepare towels themselves for guests. Buying cotton towels in bulk is ideal for the establishments that have the capacity or access to facilities to launder the oshibori for reuse.

Oshibori - Kanji and Hiragana

Introduction to Oshibori – Background & History

An introduction to Oshibori, the moist towels offered to guests and customers in Japan and more and more around the world. A brief origin, the derivation of the word and its Kanji character. Also, other words the world calls this wonderful Japanese cultural icon.

Oshibori Towels ready to serve

Preparing and Storing Oshibori Towels

Oshibori Towels can be served steaming hot from a towel warmer or a microwave, or served chilled from a refrigerator. Either way, the towel invitingly encourages guests to pause and enjoy their sensory impact.

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