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Where, When, and How to Serve Oshibori Towels

Where to Serve Oshibori Towels

Oshibori Towels are a ‘square of care’ from a host to a guest, indicating the former’s appreciation for the other’s visit. These hot or cold moist towels are suitable in any hospitality, travel, office, or service setting. Serve oshibori towels to guests any time there is a moment when you wants to be a bit more welcoming, show a bit more heart, and be a bit more hospitable towards your guest.

A hot cabi towel warmer full of steaming scented towels, or a chilled bowl full of cool and refreshing towels can be placed on a buffet or refreshment table for guests to help themselves throughout the event, the party, or during a meeting break. A moist oshibori towel, either still in its packaging or unwrapped on a serving tray, can be placed within a table setting for each guest to use as they get settled for a meal. The front desk team might have a fridge full of cold water and cool towels to offer guests or patients as they wait in the lobby.

Any establishment or event at which there is interaction between staff and guests offers opportunities to connect with an offer of a refreshing towelette. Businesses that have such Moments of Truth include:

  • Hotels, Resorts and B&Bs
  • Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars
  • Spas and Salons
  • Health Services Centers (Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Clinics)
  • Auto Retail and After-Service Businesses
  • Sports Clubs & Fitness Centers
  • Weddings, Corporate Hospitality, and Sporting Events
  • Tourism & Travel, including Airlines, Cruiseships, Charter-boats, and Taxi Service

When to Serve Oshibori Towels

In a word…. ANYTIME!!!!

Traditionally, a hot or cold towel is provided to a guest upon their arrival at a business, restaurant, or F&B establishment as a way to say, “Welcome. Thank you for coming”. A moist towelette is offered by a flight attendant upon settling into a seat on a flight, too, as if to say, “I know that getting through an airport can be a hectic and stressful experience. Welcome Aboard. Now please sit back, relax, and let us take care of you the next few hours we’re onboard together”.

These disposable towels, though, are ideal to use at any business looking to reinforce a positive relationship with its guests and customers. Moments of Truth include:

  • The Welcome – Offer a warmer welcome to guests than just a drink and a seat.
  • The Wait – Show empathetic support to patients and visitors while they await an appointment.
  • The Pause – Provide a symbolic pause at any time during a meeting or get-together.
  • The Open or Close – Create a refreshing start to an event or to wrap up a meal.

They are perfect accouterments for anyone in a meeting, conference, event, or business situation, as well, providing a nice break to refresh in between sessions or discussions.

How to Serve Oshibori Towels

Depending on the situation, oshibori towels can be served in the packaging, or removed and offered to guests and customers on a tray or as a part of a table setting.

A guest can be directly handed an individually-wrapped towel or offered a rolled-up refreshment towel on a small tray or plate. This moment of truth can be an ideal chance to connect one-on-one, and the interaction provides a chance to say personally to your visitor, “Thank you for choosing and coming to my business (instead of going to a competitor)”.

Just a reminder – Towels coming out of the warmer and microwave will be hot, so care should be taken preparing them on a serving tray and when unrolling the them to enjoy. A pair of tongs might be of use.

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