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Ohana Towels Doesn't Just Offer Towels. We Offer Moments.

From the Heart – A “Square of Care”

Ohana Towels’ products transforms an otherwise standard customer interaction into an unforgettable moment that reflects honesty and empathy for your guest.

These disposable towels, though, are ideal to use at any business looking to reinforce a positive relationship with its guests and customers. Moments of Truth include:

  • The Welcome – Offer a warmer welcome to guests than just a drink a seat.
  • The Wait – Show empathetic support to patients and visitors while they await an appointment.
  • The Pause – Provide a symbolic pause at any time during a meeting or get-together.
  • The Open or Close – Create a memorable and refreshing start to an event to wrap up a meal.

They are perfect accouterments for anyone in a meeting, conference, event, or business situation, as well, providing a nice break to refresh in between sessions or discussions.

Connect as a Friend………..

When you think about it, its not really about the towels. It’s about engagement, about empathy, about connecting with someone as they enter your premises when they’re flustered, stressed, tired, or bothered. Maybe they’ll need to fill in a form, register, or wait in a queue… But before they do any of those things, connect to them as a fellow human being, as someone who has chosen to come to your premises. You can say “Welcome, Friend. Here, take a moment…”

Treat Them Like Family……….

It is assumed that there will be an objective solution you offer to address your guest’s problem or situation; you need to reach out with emotional support, as well. You can offer the standard deliverables that everybody gives, or you can do more. You can offer a hot/cold moist towel to say, if even in just a small way, “You are Family. We care”.


How We Want To Help Your Business

Customer Satisifaction vs Hospitality

Add Sincerity to Your Guest Interaction

Our goal is to revolutionize the customer care experience in the western business environment. In offering high-quality refreshing towels and warmers to businesses across multiple service industries, Ohana Towels works to improve the standard customer interactions with a more sincere and memorable event.  Rather than the usual greetings, handshakes, exchange of business cards, a refreshment etc. at first meetings and at every moment of truth on the journey you share with your guests, welcome them with your heart.

Create Real Engagement

Ohana Towels also offers consulting and planning ideas around your Moments of Truth, to help you create real human engagement at each stage of your customer service pathway. The process engages C-level executives and senior managers who will more deeply understand how strengthening the customer goodwill improves long-term outcomes. Contact us to discuss how we might help.

The Value For Your Business


We offer you a powerful, yet simple way to meaningfully enhance the Moments of Truth at your place of business. Together with Ohana Towels you will deliver a more heartfelt staff-customer interaction at multiple customer touch points:

Warmer welcome to your guests than just a cup of coffee or glass of water.

More refreshing start to any event, interaction or meal.

A considered pause to connect at any time during meetings and get-togethers.

The result is a memorable way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Reinforce your brand as caring, empathetic, and kind.

Build long term, deep customer relations that last for years.

In showing an empathy for and appreciation to those who choose to be your guest, your company will drive greater brand engagement – leading to greater customers and more referrals.

Oshibori towels are a Square of Care for Your Guests

More About Us

I am Simon Nash – the founder and owner of Ohana Towels, and this business is a long held dream. I’ve always worked directly with customers and consumers, including ‘customers’ of higher education while teaching various college business courses in the US and abroad. I have long held views on what “good looks like” when serving a client or guest who has chosen to enter an establishment or offer their hard-earned money.

My Goal with Ohana Towels

My goal is to help businesses and organizations, wherever they are, to adopt a similar philosophy – to make every guest interaction a more heartfelt and meaningful moment. In offering towel services to businesses in the US, I want to help them bring this more genuine and warm hospitality to American business culture.

Read more on my thoughts about hospitality and customer care in my articles on how to improve client service culture within your organization also.

Years in Asia and Hawaii

I have spent many years living and working abroad, particularly in Asia, where I’ve lived and worked for over 20 years. More than half of that time has been spent in Japan. I was involved in the early days of the espresso coffee industry in Japan. Later I worked as a consultant with a number of big name companies helping to craft their messages and to build stronger customer engagement for their brands. I’ve also taught undergraduate marketing and creativity courses for many years at a US college program in China and Vietnam.

I grew up in Kailua, Hawaii – a product of Maunawili and Punahou Schools. I completed high school in the Seattle area then went on to Washington State University, where I joined Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity and rowed for WSU Crew while getting my BA (and later MA) in Economics.

Experiencing the Warmth of Hospitality – Omotenashi and Ho’okipa

These years in Hawaii and then in Asia allowed me to experience the impact that a recognized culture of hospitality has on guests’ experiences. Travelers talk of ‘”how friendly people are”, and feeling “so welcome”, and how locals seem to have a greater awareness of the comfort, or discomfort, of others. In Hawaii, a smile, a lei, or a small token can be the mark of this Ho’okipa. In Japan, this omotenashi usually incorporates offering a traditional oshibori towel to a guest to welcome them in from their ‘travels’.

In those places, a certain ceremonial ritual of welcome and hospitality, when done with a quiet authenticity and sincerity, has a wonderful effect on the receiver. They can feel the warmth. This creates a moment, a space, following their arrival and perhaps tired or hot from their travels, in which they are being attended to, considered, not as a stranger or customer, but as a friend and fellow human being. I have noted this on so many occasions, and I now wish to bring this level of care to more companies, and their visitors, too.

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