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Maintenance Routine for Your Hot Cabi Towel Warmer

Good design – Low Maintenance

Hot Cabi Towel Warmers manufactured by Taiji (Japan) are a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-care-for and low maintenance towel warmer for their office, clinic, hotel, spa, restaurant, bar, or service business. There are no moving parts, no exposed parts or wires, no controls, and just a straight-forward on/off switch. Once turned on, the towel warmer will automatically warm towels to a usable temperature, then keep them at that temperature all day.

That being said, Ohana Towels suggest a regular maintenance routine to keep your towel warmer working at its best. Here are a few simple tasks we encourage you and your team to do on a regular basis:

SAFETY NOTE – Always unplug towel warmer from power outlet and allow it to cool before doing any maintenance. Remove steam baskets to facilitate cleaning the inside of the unit.

Daily Care

  • Wipe down the outside and inside of your towel warmer and basket with a soft dry cloth to remove any water-drops and excess moisture. (Note, Be careful around the UV sensor on the HC-12Uv unit).
  • Check Drain Tray. Empty it of any residual water, if present.
  • If using aromatherapy oils in your machine (other than pre-scented towels), wipe inside surfaces and basket with a soft damp cloth (hot water and detergent). Wipe away soap residual with wet cloth, then mop up with soft dry cloth. Leave door open to allow the inside to air dry.

Weekly Maintenance of your Towel Warmer

  • Wash the outside and inside of your towel warmer and basket with a damp cloth soaked in mild detergent. Re-wipe all surfaces with a wet towel (only water – no detergent) to rinse and remove any soap residual that may be present. Remove excess water with a dry towel, and then leave the door open to allow it dry thoroughly.
  • Wash the Drain Tray with mild detergent and water. Dry and Put back into place.

Regular Routine

(As part of your scheduled Office Cleaning and Maintenance Routine)

  • Wipe power cord of dirt and dust. Check that the cord and plug are in good working order, and they are free from any damage.
  • Check that the UV Lamp is working normally when door is closed (Lamp is unlit when door is open).
  • Wipe down the rubber seal on the door. Inspect that it is fully intact and clear of any cuts or damage. Be sure that the door closes smoothly.


The Taiji Hot Cabi Towel is known for its high quality and its reputation for low maintenance. However, carrying out a regular routine of care will keep it looking good and running at optimal performance.

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User Manuals for Taiji Hot Cabi Towel Warmers
HC-6 User Manual (pdf)
HC-11UV Pro and HC-21UV Pro User Manual (pdf)

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