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Bale of 100% Cotton Oshibori Towel

How To Prepare Dry Bulk Oshibori Towels For Your Guests

Ordering Wholesale Dry Oshibori Towels in Bulk

Wholesale Dry Oshibori Towels are available online from a number of vendors. Most of these companies sell individually-wrapped moist towels, as well. However, dry bales of 100% cotton towels are popular with hospitality businesses that are looking for a cost-effective supply of towels and who can prepare towels themselves for guests. Buying cotton towels in bulk is ideal for the establishments that have the capacity or access to facilities to launder the oshibori for reuse, as well.

Dry Oshibori Towels can be ordered by-the-bale (typically 2400 or 1200 count) or in smaller quantities (150 ~ 240)). A BALE of 1200 towels comes in a 24x18x12 shipping box (~50lbs), so it can be easily lifted and stored on a shelf. If your business only wants or is only able to store a smaller inventory, the 150 or 240-count SLEEVE is best suited for you.

Shipping UPS Ground takes about a week or so. Check with your supplier, as they will usually have other shipping options available, too, in the event that towels are needed more quickly.

Readying Dry Towels to Use

The towel manufacturer will have laundered the towels prior to packing and bundling the bales for shipment from overseas to your supplier. Nonetheless, Ohana Towels and other suppliers suggest washing, or at least rinsing, the towels again prior to use. This will remove any remaining lint or bits of thread from the towels. Tap water is suitable for rinsing or washing the towels by hand, depending on water quality. We use distilled water to prepare ours for packaging.

Following the rinse, dry the towels in a dryer, or hang them on a line if they are not going to be used right away. The towels should not be left damp. If you are going to serve the towels to guests immediately, the towels are ready to use after washing. After hand-wringing out to remove most of the water, fold them in half, and roll them up tightly. Your staff should use hygiene best-practices in handling moist towels.

Hospitality Can Be HOT or COLD

Guests will appreciate oshibori hospitality towels at any temperature. In warmer climates or summer months, a chilled towel is a perfect refreshment for your arriving when they arrive. Put the rolled towels in a ziploc bag (to keep moist) and place them in a refrigerator ready for use. The refrigerator is better than the freezer so that the towels are chilled but not frozen.

In the winter and cooler climates, a hot moist towel is a wonderful accouterment for your hospitality program and really shows you care. Heat the towels either with a hot cabi towel warmer or microwave. Many airlines pour hot water over the rolled towels before serving to their passengers, but that method is not recommended as the towels can become too hot to touch.

The easiest way to warm the towel is with a towel warmer, like the hot cabi towel warmer from Taiji Company (Japan). Place the rolled towels in the warmer for approximately 30 minutes prior to serving. Alternatively, if you are using a microwave, heat the moist towels for 10-15 seconds before serving. Use caution when handling the towels, as they can be very hot. Tongs are recommended for handling hot towels.

Scented Towels

Oshibori Towels are traditionally served unscented in Japan. But there is nothing that says you can’t offer your guests more! Your supplier likely sells pre-packaged moist towels , too, with such ‘flavors’ as lavender, citrus, or other scent. They are certain to be well received.

Starting with wholesale bulk dry towels, however, you can offer your guests those same scents, as well. You can even try other scents, too, if you want to experiment. Scenting your oshibori towels is easy. There are a couple of methods:

  • Liquid Scents or Scented Hydrosol

Suppliers like Hoy’s Towel Scent or Tropical Towel Scents sell concentrated scents that are mixed with water for dipping the towels. Hydrosols of various essential oils are available online, both from the original manufacturers and online shopping companies. (Pelindaba Lavender Co. in the San Juan Islands, WA is one such supplier of organic lavender products).

Instead of using straight distilled water, moisten the towels in the scent/water mix. Wring out and roll the towels as in the steps (above) for Readying Dry Towels. Place the scented towels in a sealed plastic bag to preserve the scent and put them in a refrigerator or your hot cabi towel warmer.

  • Spritzer

As an alternative to soaking the towels in water, many essential oils are available as a Linen Water. They can be sprayed onto the moist oshibori towels prior to serving. While the scent won’t be as pronounced as soaking the towels directly in the hydrosol or scented water mix, your guests will still enjoy a pleasant and stimulating scent while wiping their hands and face.

Personalize Your Towel Scent!

There are as many choices for towels scents as there are essential oils available. How about creating your own Brand’s Signature Scent hydrosol or linen water for your towels? There are a number of easy-to-follow recipes online to create hydrosols and linen water with the essential oils of your choosing.

Wholesale Dry Oshibori Towels by the Bale – An Easy Way to Go!

In summary, buying wholesale dry oshibori towels in bulk is a great way to purchase towels for your hospitality program. Wholesale dry towels are easy to prepare. They can be washed and reused until they are worn out. Also, there is no individual towel packaging for disposal, either. Further, preparing your own towels to serve your guests enable you to custom scent the towels in your own unique and brand-defining way.

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